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Integrated Molding Solutions

Gotos offers another innovative solution: Combining two components into one. Integrated molding can be your answer for cost efficiency.

What is Integrated Molding Technology?

Integrated molding is a technology to process multiple components as a single component.
Our 3-dimensional molding technology made it possible to combine components that had been handled separately with conventional technologies, and we have many success examples.
Molding Solutions

Benefits of Integrated Molding

1) Cost Efficiency:

  • The number of component units can be reduced by processing separate components as a single unit component.
  • The cost can be reduced as the result of fewer processes in the assembly.
  • Inventory costs will be lower as the number of components is reduced.

2) Smaller and Lighter Components:

  • Compared with components which are made of multiple components, the size and weight of the component molded as one piece can be smaller and lighter.
  • It further contributes to the miniaturization and weight savings of your end product.

3) Higher Strength:

  • A component product molded as one piece is far stronger than a product whose component parts are welded, adhered or otherwise assembled. Consequently, integrated molding contributes to the reduction in defective products.
  • The degradation of the component during adhesion and welding can be eliminated.

Examples of Integrated Molding

Example 1: Two separate components (one for base and the other for projection part) are combined as one component.

Image drawing for the description of Example 1 (provided by GPE)

Company A used to procure the projection component and the part which acted as its base separately, and then bonded them later. Our staff proposed to combine the components, and not only shortened the manufacturing process, but also reduced the fraction defective.

Example 2: The tiny projection, which the customer had been bonding to the component with poor results, was made possible with our integrated molding technology.

Image drawing for the description of example 2 (provided by GPE)

Company B discovered that the component with a minute projection is necessary in the development stage. Conventional stamping manufacturers found it technically difficult to tackle the issue, and processing of the component was thought impossible. However, after much deliberation, we reached the conclusion that it could be processed, and we were able to provide the desired component to the customer.

3-Dimensional Molding Technology Enables the Integrated Molding

The components of complex shapes must be made using stamping in the integrated molding.
Generally, stamping includes steps such as 'clip', 'bend' and 'squeeze.' At Gotos, however, we have also incorporated 'crush' technology in the process.
This technology boosts the material without allowing the surplus material to escape to the outside during the stamping operation. It made it possible to handle metal like clay, and complex shapes which are difficult to be handled with conventional stamping are now made possible.

3-Dimensional Molding Technology Image

In order to put it into practical use, the know-how in stamping, such as the advanced technology of die manufacturing, is required. With the 3-dimensional integrated molding technology as the 'backbone", which was achieved as a result of years of research, we help our customers to obtain the desired components.

Initial Inquiries

Many of our successful cases of integrated molding began with the customer not expecting much as an end result. Yet, many of these cases resulted in success only after casual approach by the customer and much deliberation by our technical team.
Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to work with customers on cost-saving measures (solutions).

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