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Benefits of Stamping over Cut Processing - Product Cost

About the Price

The price varies greatly for every order. We will be able to give you the quotation for each case. Please feel free to contact us.
Points related to price are described below.

1) Prototypes:

There will be a charge for any product for which the creation of a new die is necessary. Depending on the shape, however, it may be possible to use one of the prototype dies we have. In that case, since there would be no expense for die manufacturing, the price would be more economical for the customer.

2) Dies:

Our dies are created using a nesting configuration (a method in which the dies are partitioned into units), which allows worn-out parts to be replaced as needed. Therefore, the shelf life of dies in our company is longer than that of other companies, meaning that manufacturing cost for unnecessary dies can be saved.

3) Stamping:

Generally, if the order is placed in bulk quantity, the cost per piece becomes less. However, if consistent re-orders are taken into account, even if the lot is of a smaller quantity, we can offer a price within the budget of the customer.

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