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Facilities - Surface Treatment Facilities

Thermal Treatment Facilities

Batch furnace 1 unit
Continuous furnace 1 unit

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Plating Facilities

Electrolytic plating line 3 lines
Non-electrolytic plating line 1 line
Chemical Grinding Facility 1 unit
Deionizer 1 unit

Electrolytic plating lineElectrolytic plating line

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Tumbling Facilities

Centrifugal dryer 14 units
Centrifugal tumbling machine 5 units
Rotary tumbling machine 8 units
Inclined dryer 1 unit
Vibration separator 5 units
Super Dryer 2 units
Hot air dryer 1 unit
Roll flow tumbling machine 7 units

Centrifugal dryerTumbling Facilities